Learning To Read Piano Sheets

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Learning To Read The Notes

Take a look at the diagram of some of the notes you can learn with the right hand and left hand.

The lesson example below gives you 5 steps in learning the notes F G A B middle C (RH + LH ) D E F G, where a new note in each hand is added on each step. Step 1 could be 1 lesson, step 2 another lesson etc. however you could take 5 lessons to master one of the steps.

lesson example

step: 1 2 3 4 5

R H : C D E F G

L H : C B A G F


You would learn to read and play the notes, step by step and with each progressive step you would play exercises and pieces using the new notes of the step plus the notes learnt in previous steps.

Teachers, Tutor Books and Online Courses may vary in the order of learning to read notes .

Sometimes you learn C,D,E,F,G from the right hand middle C and left hand from the C 8 white keys or 1 octave lower.

At each step you would:

1. Get used to interpreting note names from the sheet music and transferring it to a played sound on the piano by pressing the indicated key.

Exercise: Read and play the notes from diagram above using any note length.

F G A B middle C in the bass clef using your Left Hand

middle C D E F G in the treble clef using your Right Hand

2. You would interpret the note lengths and work at getting the counting correct.

At this stage it is time to introduce Rhythm.

Whilst you contemplate the notes and think about rhythm get into the mood and look at your piano music box.   http://boringthrill1835.exteen.com/20150519/bass-tabs-for-beginners


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